Pranaforce Yoga Retreats

Heal the Body

"Let food be thy medicine, & medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates
Our Pranaforce Yoga retreats are focused primarily on detoxing & cleansing meal plans that support us in learning about organic whole foods. Studying & reflecting on our relationship to food & integrating juicing & colonic programs to heal the body at a cellular level from the inside out. We share information as suggestions as we are not medical professionals but have practiced & felt the benefits first hand from eating clean organic, unprocessed foods.

Heal the Mind

"I'm uninterested in the spotless figures you wear. What's timeless in you already beats in my chest. Teach me about the rest of you, about your disfigured squares. Until I become fluent in love" - HF
Acknowledging where we are in the moment is a great practice, and giving ourselves space to feel well in our busy lives is one of the most precious gifts we can offer ourselves. To feel well & create mental clarity takes practice in clearing our space both physically and mentally. As the body rises in health so does the mind just as when the mind rises in wellness the body too can flourish. It's never too late to learn something new, and inspire us to continue positive thinking and feeling fluent in our belief systems.

Mend the Heart

"When we are really mastering, first we start within, we create ourselves within our highest consciousness, and from this we share, being aligned from the heart" - SMA The most powerful and resonant organ we practice mending challenges or traumas beyond our knowing. Experiences that may have been passed onto us from generations before us. Healing & being open to forgiveness is a beautiful way to replenish our hearts. We share this with deep interpersonal workshops, sound healing training & vocal activation from the support of great practitioners & masters of their healing arts from all over the world. Sharing & co-creating safe spaces & environments to expand or simply be exactly where we are in that given moment.