Raise & Remember Your Vibration: Sound Healing


The handpan, often known as the “hung”, is a new and rare instrument that creates a powerful healing experience due to its vibrational frequency. In this Sound Healing session Abria Joseph will play his original handpan music while guiding you through a deep meditation. The mysteriously unique tones of the handpan will facilitate relaxation of the body and mind, allowing your spirit to free itself from the stressors of daily life. You will leave this sound healing feeling peaceful, calm, and re-energized. Enjoy the beautiful Sound Healing as you begin to see and feel clear visuals within your mind that will help you achieve goals by first acknowledging fear based stories and then letting them go. Come and experience the healing powers of the handpan and meditation yourself, and become empowered by the simple vibration of a song in your heart like no other.

Come Dream it Real with us!