Becoming a Yoga Teacher: 

The study of yoga is a beautiful quest, and more than anything, a way to learn and study ones own life and habits. Through this discovery and knowledge, participants will find their own way to help others along a similar path of inward contemplation. Teaching yoga is a life long practice that will change and develop over time. The better we are at finding what inspires us, the better we are at sharing our story. This story will be developed and strengthened as you grow your own personal yoga practice. Finding what inspires us to learn and share is really the story we all wish to tell, as we learn more about ourselves, we can develop a unique way to offer this to others through yoga. The more we practice, the more we learn how to share our story of life - all the challenges or gifts we have been given. And in this we will be more easily prepared to tell people how to move their bodies into different shapes with fluid and powerful movements that help strengthen the body and mind, as well as create healing and mental wellness for as long as we can. This training will be a foundational training to prepare everyone to go deeper into learning their own sequence and personal practice. Something that will allow us to continue at home or in travels, a way of living the yoga practice off the mat. Pranaforce are RYS 200 with Yoga Alliance and provide a 200 hour certificate.

Pranaforce Yoga: 

Pranaforce is a lifestyle, a way of practicing and living our Dreams. It utilizes the incredible arts of movement, dance, yoga and music to move us in a way that goes beyond verbal language, & into body language. It is a space for community, where people can connect and share passions, dreams and gifts. It is a place where all dreams are valid, a place of inspiration.