Raise & Remember your High Vibration ~ through Sound Healing

Sound healing is so very vast in the way sound can be utilized for relaxation or cellular healing. Many cultures have played music as a way to come together, pray & to share in ceremony & provide for a path to becoming more aware of feeling sounds. Crystal alchemic singing bowls, gongs & many other instruments are powerful tools to support in a sound healing ceremony or concerts as well. Abrias journey & quest to study & learn more of the art of the steel instrument known as the handpan or pantam is his instrument of passion which he travels with around the world. The handpan, often known as the “hang" is a new and rare instrument that has a sweet resonance & sustain that feels anciently magical. The powerful healing experience of these instruments are felt from the harmonics & frequencies. In these Sound Healing sessions Abria Joseph will offer his handpan music while guiding you through a deep verbal meditation. The mysteriously unique tones of the handpan facilitate relaxation of the body and mind, allowing your spirit to free itself from the stressors of daily life feeling peaceful, calm, and re-energized & reminds us that we are truly gifted to feel such positive vibrations & love.